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To remain competitive in today's volatile marketplace, you need the ability to flex the size and make-up of your information technology workforce. Our team can select the right specialists for your business - including contract placement, direct sourcing, contract-to-hire and pay rolling. Alternatively, we can develop a complete workforce management solution customized to meet your business objectives.

At Vasantas we are well equipped with experienced and qualified  consultants to support even your most demanding IT initiatives. We have a flexible workforce that quickly staffs your pressing projects helping you meet your deadlines with confidence and ease. We support the IT workforce needs of every businesses ranging from small start-up firms to large Fortune 500 conglomerates. We provide you with the experienced talent that meets your specific requirements.

We do more than just review resume qualifications - we work with individuals to understand their skills, abilities and professional goals and will match them to opportunities that will benefit the candidate and our customer. By acting as a career manager, we can assess the candidate's skill level and pinpoint a training path that will advance their earning potential and add higher value to an organization. 

To keep Information Technology Specialists current in mission-critical aspects of your business, our Training Center and Lab Facility offers a comprehensive library of interactive online training and educational courseware that teaches mastery of IT concepts and technologies.

Vasantas provides education on demand in the form of convenient, self-paced training at no cost to our employees. In addition, many of the courses are recognized as continuing education credits, helping our employees retain their professional accreditations.