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IT Consulting

Vasantas IT Consulting is directed towards IT initiatives that companies wish to take up in the quest to sustain and grow the business.

With specialist knowledge and experience across many different market sectors, the Vasantas Software consultants can confidently deliver the right solution for you – now and for the future.

Our IT Consulting services focus on:

IT Design Services:
- Defines the scope of and specification for the technical design of IT system within a defined project
- The scope and technical design includes review of architectural, technology, and skill readiness of the organization

Web strategy Services:
- Interprets the organization current web capabilities and needs to meet the overall business strategy
- Applies knowledge of computer system architectures and emerging technologies to define the appropriate Web architecture to meet 

Strategic objectives
- Creates a vision for migrating existing systems
- Usability Engineering 
- Rich Internet Applications(RIA) using AJAX and Web 2.0

Some of the major activities and deliverables of Steck Systems Services consulting 
- Strategy and road map formulation
- Assessment and evaluation
- Solution architecting
- Solution building or integration
- Analytics design and implementation
- Upgrade / migration services
- Operations, maintenance and support services